Krit finally has a day off. His busy schedule is slowly turning him antisocial. The sleep last night wasn’t the best, and so he has decided to stay in for the day. His silent backyard is full of crispy sunshine touching every inch of its newly dug soil, but his soft, fluffy bed is serving him much better.

His phone chimes of a new message from his manager.

“I can’t reach Kin. His phone seems off. Can you tell him to call me back when he’s home?”

He swiftly replies, “Sure wil-“

That’s when a sudden click clack on the door downstairs pulls his attention away from the screen.

“Honey, I’m homeeee.”

Kin’s eager voice echoes through their 2 story house, loud and clear. Krit springs up from his bed, but right when he was about to step out of his room, the reading room door swings open, with Kin looking all panicking.

“Don’t. I heard it too.”

Now Krit’s thought is really spinning. His face turns pale while his heart is pounding against his rib cage. What the ************ is going on? But Krit knows he can’t stay still. He takes in the biggest breath and runs down the stairs and straight out to his backyard, even with his boyfriend’s begging behind him.

That’s impossible. He reckons, still holding his gaze at the door before shifting it down at his messy, dirty toes.

There can only be one Kin in this world, and if he is in there, who was the body he buried last night 3 meters right under his feet?

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